School of Transportation Engineering

The  Institute of Transportation Engineering currently has railway  engineering technology, civil aviation transportation, urban rail  transit operation and management, air traffic, railway power supply  technology, railway locomotive stod, six majors. For  air transport, ground transportation to provide professional personnel,  and each profession has an order-type training model, directly for the  enterprise to transport the required talent, to protect the employment  of students.
The college  currently has 24 faculty and staff, including 3 professors, associate  professors and other senior titles 4, China Railway Department visiting  professor 5, lecturers, practical trainers and other intermediate titles  9; With railway engineering, engineering survey  and city rail 3 teaching and research room, responsible for 4  professional teaching, experimental training work.
The  College has signed a targeted training contract with 16 enterprises,  including the Six Bureau, the 17th Bureau, the China Railway  Electrification Group, the Railway Second Survey and Design Institute,  Beijing Jun and Saint Aviation Services Company, the Capital Airport,  Hebei Tieyu Technology Co., Ltd., to set up a professional order class  for urban rail, to protect the employment of students.