College of Automotive Engineering

Automobile Engineering College is the governing unit of China Automobile Engineering Society, China Automobile Higher Vocational College Automobile Teaching Research Association and Hebei Automobile Maintenance Industry Association. It is the key secondary college of Shijiazhuang Polytechnic Vocational College. The College of Automobile Engineering has enrolled 1100 full-time students since 2003. It has five specialties: new energy automobile technology, automobile electronics technology, automobile detection and maintenance technology, automobile manufacturing and assembly technology, automobile marketing and service. At present, there are 21 full-time teachers, 11 Vice-Senior and above titles, 3 postgraduates and 80% of double-qualified teachers in Auto Engineering College. Most of the teachers come from key 211 colleges, well-known automobile 4S stores or maintenance enterprises, forming a team of teachers with high professional quality, strong practical ability, dedication to their posts and concern for students'different development. In recent years, he has edited more than a dozen textbooks for automobile specialty in Higher Vocational colleges, published more than 50 professional papers in various academic journals, and won the third prize in Hebei Provincial Excellent Course and National Automobile Marketing Professional Course Design Competition. In 2018, he won the third prize in Hebei Province's First New Energy Automobile Technology and Service Provincial Competition. The newly built automobile training center with a total investment of 10 million yuan and a total of 2200 square meters, including a modern training room with advanced technology and complete functions for new energy, automobile, electronic control engine, electronic control chassis, automatic transmission, diesel high-pressure common rail, simulation software, 4S simulation and automobile commerce, has laid a solid foundation for students'practical teaching. The College has hired a group of experts and scholars from more than 60 cooperative school-running enterprises and the provincial automobile industry, established a steering committee for the construction of automobile specialty, held regular seminars, and conducted extensive and mutually beneficial cooperation in specialty co-construction, curriculum co-construction, teacher co-construction, and the co-construction of training bases both inside and outside the school, so as to enable us to better control the specialty direction, highlight the specialty characteristics and adjust dynamically. The training plan and teaching plan have improved the quality of students'employment and opened up a broader employment market. Auto Engineering College adheres to the educational concept of "solid theory, skill-oriented, moral education first". Graduates have a short adaptation period and strong innovation ability. At present, it has jointly developed a variety of order classes with well-known manufacturing enterprises such as Great Wall Automobile, Chang'an Automobile, Beijing Hyundai and other large automobile trade, Shanghai Volkswagen, FAW Volkswagen, Shanghai GM, FAW Toyota and other brand 4S units. To provide students with more and better practice, practice and employment positions. Every year, nearly 100 automobile enterprises come to our college for campus recruitment, and the employment rate of graduates is as high as 98%. 1. Training of students'professional skills (1) "Integration of theory and practice" teaching: let students learn theoretical knowledge while operating to better grasp professional skills; (2) All-weather training: according to the teaching focus and difficulties in the classroom, students do not master well, and the semester's main 1-2 points of professional skills, stage competitions, etc., make use of every night or rest. Day, free training for students; (3) teaching practice (four months): adhere to the "learning-practice-re-learning-re-practice" training mode, that is: students in the last semester of junior year (September-December every year) to organize students to enterprise teaching practice, after four months of practice, return to school to study, and then arrange practice, through practice, find gaps, clear shortcomings, return to school to improve learning, in order to better. To meet the needs of society and enterprises; (4) Promoting learning by competition: adhering to the principle of "promoting teaching, learning and development by competition", actively organizing students to participate in various professional competitions of the state, provinces and municipalities. By participating in the competition, a good learning atmosphere of "you learn, I catch up" will be formed and students'skills will be promoted. 2. Cultivation of students'comprehensive quality (1) Student growth series video learning thematic learning focuses on cultivating students' humanistic literacy, communication, workplace skills (2) Campus Culture Festival, Auto Culture Publicity Month activities focus on cultivating students'organizational management, language expression, talent (3) Youth League Branch thematic activities focus on cultivating students' team spirit and organizational ability (... Car Industry-Peng) In the booming sunrise industry, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Social Security jointly published the "Report on the Shortage of Talents": There is a shortage of 800,000 talents in domestic automobile marketing management. The shortage of automobile talents has become a bottleneck restricting the development of China's automobile industry. According to the statistics released by the China Automobile Industry Association, China's automobile production and sales volume reached 23.49 million in 2014, which has ranked first in the world for six consecutive years; the rapid development of the industry has driven the automobile service industry into the golden age, and the demand for automobile service talents is huge, from senior blue-collar personnel responsible for technical maintenance to marketing management personnel skilled in the automobile industry, has become a talent demand. The automobile industry has become a new high-salary industry, and the proportion of existing employees passing professional appraisal is less than 20%. High-quality full-time talents are scarce. The Ministry of Education has included the training of automobile service talents in the national shortage personnel training project. The school provides employment services for students, such as interview guidance, career planning, business practice, employment tracking, etc. According to the survey of the salary of the automobile industry of China Elite Net, the average annual total salary of the automobile industry reaches 39073 yuan, which is 13.67% higher than that of the whole industry.