college of art

The Art Institute of Shijiazhuang Polytechnic Vocational College was established in 2000. It is a full-time provincial higher education institution approved by the Hebei Provincial Government and registered by the Ministry of Education. It has issued the certificate of academic qualifications of general higher education recognized by the State. It has successfully trained nearly 5000 excellent artistic talents by running its own school. Many outstanding graduates are in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, literary and artistic performing groups and television programs. Taiwan work. At present, the College has five specialties: singing and dancing performance (infant art direction), infant health and management, music performance, dance performance, broadcasting and hosting. The College has strong teachers and perfect teaching facilities. It is equipped with studios, small business venture bases, pop music audiovisual rooms, dance rehearsal halls and professional piano rooms. Students can take various qualifications and piano rooms during the school period. Skills certificate, to achieve the combination of learning and use.