College of General Education

The College of General Education is not only the Specialized Education Institute of Shijiazhuang Polytechnic Vocational College, where students are trained, but also the Basic Education Institute of the Polytechnic College. The College also undertakes the task of training students in secondary vocational schools. It also undertakes the construction of public basic courses and corresponding teaching organizations for all college students. The College has a team of high-quality teachers and student management cadres who combine specialty with specialty. The general education curriculum for the whole school covers the fields of literature, history, philosophy, law and natural science, and strives to cultivate students'broad disciplinary vision, strong sense of social responsibility and humanistic care spirit, outstanding innovative consciousness and practical ability. In January 2016, in order to implement the relevant spirit of the Central Committee on strengthening and improving the teaching of Ideological and political theory courses, further promote the construction of Marxist disciplines and explore a general education system with school characteristics, the school decided to establish a general education college (co-operated with the Ministry of Ideological and Political Education and the Ministry of Public Sports) on the basis of the Ministry of Public Education as a commitment from junior college students to secondary schools. Students are such full-time teaching and scientific research departments of Ideological and political theory courses and general education courses for all-round, multi-level and multi-type students. The development of general education in schools insists on taking students as the foundation, facing all the students, facing the whole process of the University and the future of the students. Through innovative education concept, innovative training mode, innovative education system and innovative management system, it gradually realizes the integration of general education and professional education, humanistic quality education and scientific spirit education, and the integration of students'personality development and all-round development. We should strive to enable students to learn how to behave, how to do things and how to live, and to become educated, self-restrained and accomplished builders and successors of socialism. There are 65 faculty members in the college, 90% of whom have master's degree or lecturer's title. The faculty is strong and the structure of teachers is reasonable. In recent years, the faculty and staff of our institute have actively carried out teaching and research reform, publishing more than 20 monographs, publishing more than 100 papers and undertaking more than 20 provincial scientific research projects, of which more than 10 are currently being studied at provincial and college levels. The college consists of employment guidance teaching and research department, public and foreign teaching and research department, mathematics teaching and research department and military theory teaching and research department. It mainly offers several basic public courses such as ideological and moral cultivation and legal basis, Mao Zedong Thought and the theory system of socialism with Chinese characteristics, situation and policy, college sports and health, college students'career development and employment guidance, college students' entrepreneurship foundation, college students'military theory, higher vocational English, higher mathematics, economic mathematics, engineering mathematics, literature appreciation language practice, etc. It also offers many public elective courses such as antique appreciation, charm of game theory, aerobics, charming language, mathematical culture, psychology in life, female etiquette, English film and television appreciation, etc.